Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nashville is for the Birds...

When friends come to stay with me in Nashville it means one thing- an excuse to go out and have fun! This past weekend there were two different weddings going on and we had a house full. Megan was our party coordinator for Friday night. She called me up and asked “What do you think about going to the Bluebird Café?” My answer “Yes, get us tickets ASAP!”

Once again, you would probably have thought I had already been to one of Nashville’s top hot spots. You and the lady from England, who had planned on coming to the Bluebird a year in advance. In her British accent she told me all the places in Nashville and Tennessee she had been. Talking to her made me a little embarrassed, because I haven’t been to half the places she spoke about. This conversation has made me determined to become a tourist in my on state and actually visit all the wonderful attractions Tennessee has to offer!

Lauren and I standing in front of The Bluebird Cafe

Just going to throw this out there, but the Bluebird was nothing like I expected. Which if it was I wouldn’t have much to write about! First, when we pulled up I was very confused. We were at a strip mall. There was an insurance company, a paint store, and a store with a cool red lamp for sale. On the very end was a canopy that had Bluebird Café on it with people standing outside. We were met by a very lively man with a cane who checked our tickets and sent us in. I recommend calling ahead cause they sell out fast and it was a sold out night.

Picture may not be great, but the music was!

The room is very small and we had really good seats in the pews. They have a few random church pews that you can reserve. In the middle, the songwriters sit with their guitars and keyboard. People were sitting right next to the songwriters. They songwriters went around and each told a story about the song they have written and then they played it. Some of the songs were hilarious, some I had never heard of, and some if I turned on my radio I could hear it now. Scott Sanford, Lisa Shaffer, CJ Watson and Dani Carroll were the songwriters. They had written hits for Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, David Cooke, and Martina Mcbride.

Inside the Bluebird Cafe

Wow! The music was awesome and I love hearing the songwriters tell stories of how they came up with the song or about who recorded it. We had such a good time! I want to kick myself for not being like the British lady and planned to come hear were country songs are born! It was only $10.00 to get in and it was better than some concerts I have paid $50.00 for. Don’t be like me and just wait around till you have visitors to go to the Bluebird, it’s too much fun to wait around for!

Fun times!

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