Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Does Anyone Want This Last Bite of Hotdog?

Living in Nashville has its pluses and negatives for me. The only real negatives is not living on the farm and not being closer to the ones I love. Right now, I am on my deck in Nashville and if I close my eyes just enough I can hear the sounds of the country. The cows in the pasture, the goats wanting to be fed, birds singing, squirrels acting like silly squirrels….

The positives of living in Nashville is there are a lot of different activities to occupy your time. Take for instance the Sounds game I went to last week. I have been living in Nashville for two years and never went and cheered on the Nashville Sounds. A group of the fun Aggies in the MTN area have started hanging out at least once a month (Thanks, Kim!).

Kelsey and Melissa enjoying a ballpark hotdog!

When we got to the ball game it was rainy and cold. It could have been coming a hurricane and these hard core fun havers would had sit it through! My first question was who were we playing? The answer was the Iowa Cubs. This just made me laugh. I may haven’t seen the Sounds play before, but I have cheered on the Iowa Cubs before. A few years back I interned in Iowa and we would go to the games. I caught myself accidently cheering on the Cubs. Opps!

I love that the scoreboard is a guitar!

The game was fun and the Sounds won (Sorry Cubbies). What made it fun was getting to hang out with all my Ag friends that I don’t get see that often and meeting new people. So, it took two years for me to go to my first game and I am already planning to catch one real soon!

Susan, Mel, Me, and Kelsey all smiles at the game!


Green Thumb said...

What a fun night! Now I think we understand what clowns feel like when piling in and out of cars.

Rachel said...


I didn't realize you blogged too!! I am bookmarking your site!! :)

Regarding sewing machines, I don't know much about new sewing machines...I am sewing on a 25-year-old Brother sewing machine! My mother and mother-in-law both have Kenmore machines that have worked great too ( but they are about 20 years old!)

Pamela Joy said...

Laura- we were packed in there very tightly! It was a lot of fun and I cant wait to hang out with yall again.

Rachel- Thanks!I started blogging because I am doing workshops on Social Media for farmers and if I was going to be presenting I needed to know a little about it. Blogging has became kinda fun now!

All of our machines are older like yours and some are made inside wooden desks. Thanks for you help!