Monday, June 15, 2009

Can I Order Sweet Potato Fries and Toliet Paper?

There are so many neat, hidden little restaurants in the Nashville area. My friend and former co-worker, Jane came to town to visit. It was such a busy weekend, I only got to see her for lunch on Saturday. We had lunch at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant in Franklin. It was a great time getting to hang out with her and my other friends.

Jane, Wendy, Jan, and I at Puckett's in Franklin

When we drove through downtown Franklin, there were people walking everywhere. It was like a scene out of a movie where all the townsfolk are having a great time in the town square.

Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant is really a unique place. Just like its name states it is a restaurant and a real grocery store. When we sat down the first thing I noticed were the shelves around the restaurant filled with all kinds of different items like, toilet paper, Jiffy Pop, and washing detergent. I thought it was just for looks, but if you want to buy the toilet paper you can!

The food was yummy too. We had sweet potato fries, a true southern favorite. For lunch I had the Strawberry Field Salad with Strawberry dressing. Puckett’s is known for their hamburgers and next time I will have try one. They also, have a stage for local talent to perform concerts.

This summer, I am going to make it back to downtown Franklin and explore all the neat little shops. It will make for a fun day walking around and enjoying the beautiful downtown Franklin. If you are down in the area make sure you stop by Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant and order some sweet potato fries!

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Green Thumb said...

I loooove Puckett's! Definitely try the hamburger next time, I highly recommend it.