Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Burgers, Steaks, and Friends Hidden in Small Town Tennessee

When you go to college and live in the dorms there is a huge chance that you are going to get a weird roomie. For me, I was very fortunate that my new roomie would be someone that I would become great friends with. Even though, Leah and I were from two different sides of West TN we already knew each other. We met the summer before our senior yr of high school at Volunteer Girls State. Then a mutual friend of ours told me she was looking for a roomie and I was needing one. We were freshmen roommates and friends ever since.

Lately, I haven't been making it to West TN to hang out with all my friends due to work travels, etc. It had been about a year since I stayed in Lauderdale Co with Leah. LC reminds me a lot of where I come from with it being small and rural. While I was in LC I went to a wedding, and to two different dining spots.

Big Daddy's Diner in Gates
We ate lunch at a little place called, Big Daddy's (formally known as Miss Evie's) in the big city of Gates (j/k). First off i like this place cause it is half gas station, half store, and half restaurant. The outside looks like an old country store. Inside the restaurant part there is all kinds of Elvis memorabilia, old licence plates, and old farm equipment. According to Leah everything is good, so with that I ordered a cheeseburger with spicy fries. I was craving a big juicy burger and this hit the spot. It was fun just eating and getting to hang out.

I think Leah likes the burger!

After the wedding, we went to Chisholm Lake. It's restaurant and I really can't tell you how to get there, even though I have been many, many times. You have to go through Nankipoo (trust me I can't make this stuff up), turn right after the Pic Sweet Fields, go down long road till it turns into a gravel road, somewhere you turn by the big tree (that use to have a sign, but got stolen)........basically it's in the middle of no where and it's on stilts. Enough about getting there lets talk about the food! You have the chose of steak or crab legs. Yep, a very simple menu. I always get steak and its huge! They cook it a medium rare perfect. Make sure if you go to bring cash, cause they don't accept credit cards. Bring a big group and stay late. There is always fun at Chisholm Lake!

Leah and I at Chisholm Lake.

Spending time with Leah was a lot of fun and I am kicking myself for not making time to hang out with my friends like I should. I can't wait to get back to LC and to hang out with my girly!