Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Pickin Time!

Today, I battled a storm to go pick strawberries. Literally, it hailed (sounded like popcorn on my truck) and I saw lightning hit a transformer! It sure was worth it to get yummy strawberries from Valley Home Farm. It took me about an hour to get there from Nashville and it was such a beautiful drive. Once you get off I-24, there farms and amazing farm houses that have been there for years. With all the rain, everything was so green it made me want to pull my truck over and go walking through the lush pastures.
Ok, lets talk strawberries! My Pa always said if it rained on the first of the month that it would rain 15 days. Which has not been the best thing for the strawberry farmers. When its raining most people don't want to get out to buy strawberries, let alone get muddy picking them. To me getting a fresh straight from the farm strawberry is worth going through a small hurricane. Nothing that you can buy from a store can beat the taste of yummy strawberry you just picked yourself.

Valley Home Farm is located in Wartrace, which is in Bedford Co. It is a 320 acre farm with an on farm retail store. They sell strawberry jam, strawberry cakes and pies, strawberry bread, and of course strawberries. I absolutely just fell in love with their Strawberry Honey Popsicles! Love them!

Check out Valley Home Farm's website

Picking strawberries is a fun activity for yourself, a group of friends, and the entire family! The month of May is strawberry season, so go visit a local farm or farmers market to find fresh strawberries! You can go to for a listing of strawberries in your area.

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