Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rain Made Us Eat 2 Much!!!

Last year a group of friends and I attended the Crawfish Boil in Nashville. It was a neat experience for me cause I had never eaten crawfish before. They look kinda gross, but were surprisingly tasty. Plus, Three Doors Down performed and we sat on blankets listening to the bands. This year plans were to relive the fun of the crawfish boil. Due to 16 days of rain and mud factor, we gave the crawfish boil a rain check.

One of my roomies from Candylynn and friend, Lauren, came up to for the fun having. Her and my current roomie, Emily and I were not going to let the rain ruin our weekend! Emily came up with our nights agenda and we were not dissapointed!

We started the night with sushi from Virago. If you go make sure you make reservations, cause they are packed. When you walk through the doors the atmosphere changes to a more hip modern style. Everything from the seatin to the lighting makes Virago unique. We started with an appitizer, Edamame. Whenever I eat sushi I like to order Edamame, which is boiled soybeans with a little bit of seasoning.

Crispy Fire Crunch Roll from Virago

Sushi! Lauren and I split three rolls and we had plenty left over. We had a YumYum roll (tuna, salmon, cream cheese), Crispy Fire Crunch roll (shrimp, spicy mayo, cream cheese), and Aloha roll (shrimp, toasted coconut, bacon, pineapple, macadamia nuts). My favorite was the Aloha roll. If you like shrimp and pineapples this is for you. It had the right balance of sweetness. The Crispy Fire Crunch roll is going to be a new favorite due tangy/spicy but not catch your mouth on fire taste.

Emily and Lauren enjoying yummy sushi!

After, being stuffed on sushi we walked around downtown for awhile and laughed at our silly selves. Then it was time for dessert from the Melting Pot! This was another new experience for me. When Lauren and Emily mentioned chocolate, I was in no questions asked! We ordered the S'more dessert which they bring out in a pan and heat it at your table. It was chocolate with marshmallows on top. You also get a tray of assorted food to dip in the warm chocolate. My favorite was the strawberries, bananas, and rice krispies. Talk about the most yummiest desert I have ever eaten!

Lauren and I eating chocolate covered strawberries at the Melting Pot!

Both of these restaurants I recommend if you are in Nashville. Both are a little pricey, but are sooo worth it!

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