Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graduation Weekend at Martin

Going to Martin is like going home. I did spend six of my best years there, but it only took five years for me to earn my degree in Agriculture Education. Graduating early is like leaving the party at 10:30! This weekend was graduation at UT Martin and one of my best friends, Heather, was graduating. This gave me an excuse to go back to visit with friends and to do some farm visits.

Friday was a stormy, yucky day. The safest place to be in Martin during a storm is Caddy's- this coming from Stuart and Cody. Luckily, for me who doesn't partake in all activities that normally go on at Caddy's they serve a very yummy lunch. My meal included a juicy cheeseburger with steaming hott crispy fries. They have sweet tea you can pour yourself straight from the pitcher.
Below is a pic of our Caddy's lunch crew with our server, Kara.

A group of us went to Century Farm Winery in Jackson. This winery is one of Tennessee's 33 wineries across the state. It is a working farm and has been in their family for over 150 years. Jo O'Cain showed us around the winery and vineyard. She answered many questions from the growing of the grapes to the production of the wine. They have won blue ribbons for some of their wines. This year they are getting local strawberries from Green Acers in Milan, which is a PYO strawberry and pumpkin patch, for Strawberry wine. Later that night Cody marinated pork loin in the Traminette wine and it was DELICIOUS! If you are in the West Tennessee are stop by Century Farm Winery and try some of their wines!

Check out them out :

Heather's big day finally got here on Saturday. She text me the entire time and even sent me a video message while other UTM students were walking across the stage!! haha! Oh, how have times changed. We at lunch at Candylynn (my home for 5yrs) and then went to Heather's home in Dyer Co for dinner. The day was a lot of fun and so was the night when we got back to Candylynn.

This is the some of the Candylynn Crew.

Sigma Alpha's are so hott they had to call the firemen! haha!

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Emily said...

Caddy's is definitely the best place to be during a storm...it's the ultimate storm shelter!