Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lessons from the Zoo

Most people go to the Zoo when they are a small child, me that wasn’t the case. The only Zoo I got to see was the one running around on my farm! I know some of you are are shaking your head right now and thinking-no Disney movies, no vacations and now no Zoo! What kind of childhood did you have?!? I had a great one and wouldn’t change it for anything. It was spent mostly outdoors with some PBS mixed in rollie pollies and mud pies.

Elephants love plaing in the mud just like I do!

Not long ago, I went to the Nashville Zoo with Jeremy. The funny part about this is I acted like a little kid! My favorite parts were watching the elephants and giraffes. The elephants had the biggest and floppiest ears ever! They liked to play in the water to cool off and one really like playing with a log. The elephant playing with the log reminded me of a dog palying with a stick. The giraffes just fascinated me. They were beautiful in a unique way. Maybe it was their spots and the color of the spots. Their long necks reminded me so much of the plant eating dinosaurs! If you combined an elephant and a giraffe you would have a dinosaur or just something out of a scary movie.

How's the weather up there?

What made me laugh, then sad was the farm animals at the zoo. I laughed cause farm animals are just ordinary, every day animals to me and why would they be at the zoo? Then I realized that the little kids around me and their parents had never seen farm animals in person before. They (kids and parents) were calling a cow a horse and a sheep was a goat and a goat was a sheep! This really made me see that we need to better educate public (not just kids) about where their food comes from.

A cow is not a horse......

One of my favorite things about the Nashville Zoo everything reminded me of the animals natural habitat. When I was walking, sometimes I would forget that I was in a zoo! All of the animals were fun to watch. When it stops raining you should take a day and enjoy the jungle...zoo!

How many birds can you count?

Next time you go to the Zoo make sure to stop by the farm animals section and listen to what people say and don't wait 20-something yrs to go see all the wonderful animals!

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